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Products for future mums and children
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Products for future mums and children

Brassiere pad

We offer our MAMI brassiere pads for breastfeeding mothers. Due to the breathable core the product is highly absorbent and hydrophilic making you feel comfortable.

Cotton wipes

Freesia cotton wipes are used for babycare and cosmetic purposes. Due to their softness they do not irritate the babies’ skin.

Plasters for children

We offer Junior plasters for children. Their colourful motives make children forget about their injuries.

Baby wipes

Assorbello children’s wet wipes are for babies. Due to their components they provide long lasting freshness without any irritation.

Family refreshing wipes

Multifunctional Novelty Family refreshing wipes can help you feel clean and refreshed anywhere at anytime. They are ideal for travelling, going on excursions and in the work too. You can use them at any place where there is no possibility for handwashing.