Freesia termékek
Cosmetic Products
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Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic discs

Made of natural cotton. Soft, white, high absorbency. Primordially used for household, hygienic and cosmetic purposes.

Cotton buds

Freesia cotton buds are made of 100% cotton wound on a 8 cm plastic stick. Cotton buds are used for cleaning the nose and the external auditory meatus of babies and adults. They are also used for cosmetic and household purposes.

Cosmetic products

Freesia cosmetic products are for everyday use. Cosmetic balls and cosmetic discs are used for everyday face-cleaning and make-up removal. The products are made of 100% natural cotton.

Make up remover wipes

Laurella make up remover wipes can easily and softly remove even the most stubborn make up so it does not block the pores while the balance of hydrolipides of the skin remains the same. The wipes refresh the skin.